Meeting to discuss the Clairwood racecourse debacle

Communities across the South Basin have reacted with shock and anger at the decision to allow the destroying of the green lung of Clairwood Racecourse into a logistics and trucking park.  It is a widely known fact that the area surrounding the Clairwood Racecourse is one of the most polluted in South Africa with mounting levels of cancer and asthma. How could any sensible person come to the conclusion that what the area needs is to get rid of a green lung and add to the pollution? This from a government that claims that it takes climate change seriously. 
One must also ask in the light of the shock at bribery allegations about FIFA, there is a theft that is going on in this very City. How did Gold Circle come to own the racecourse and cash it in for huge profits?  Who exactly benefited from this dastardly deed? And who in government is colluding in this farce?  This decision is stealing our futures and it is vital that the media expose those who seek to profit from this. 
We ask you to attend a mass meeting at:
Date: 11 June 2015
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: St Mary’s School Hall (14 Juggernaut Rd, Merebank)

For more information please contact SDCEA on 031 461 199 or Desmond D’Sa on 083 982 6939 and KRF- Roshan Ramdeen at 084 306 3267