South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) is an environmental justice organization based in South Durban, South Africa. It is made up of 19 affiliate organizations and has been active since its formation in 1995. It is a non-government organization existing solely on finances sourced from funders and sponsors in order to remain totally independent. It makes no profit and exists solely for the benefit of the people it represents. It is a vocal and vigilant group active in lobbying, reporting and researching industrial incidents and accidents in this area.

It continuously struggles for clean air, water and soil and for the alleviation of environmental racism and poverty. SDCEA works with and is located in South Durban Community; this makes it easier for community members to convey their problems to us. The people of South Durban are SDCEA’s target audience as they are immersed in the polluted basin and directly affected by the numerous negative consequences.

The motto of SDCEA is: The Right to Know, The Duty to Inquire, The Obligation to Act.

Goals and Objectives

SDCEA is a structured network that seeks to improve the strategic information and communication functions of the participating 19 affiliate organizations. It also seeks to provide a common structure through which different sectors of south Durban civil society can explore, strengthen and promote matters of common interest relating to environmental issues and sustainable development.

The goals and objectives of the SDCEA have always been to uplift and educate the community on performing an educational role in promoting an understanding of the inter-related nature of social, political, environmental and economic factors limiting or enabling the achievement of a sustainable, equitable and just society to promote the wise use and conservation of natural resources. The SDCEA regularly engages with other role players including, but, certainly not limited to the local authority, provincial and local government, industry and commerce in order to promote a healthy, safe and sustainable environment.