26th March 2015, in Durban- Residents of South Durban awoke to the thick clouds of black smoke and flames that surged into the early hours of this morning. Many complaints had been lodged with the city health department in the past few weeks in regard to strong odour emissions emanating from this very company.
Residents now realize that the hazardous industrial complexes of South Durban are expanding and pose even greater threats than before. Our plea to those officials who give out positive records of decisions, must take into serious consideration the views put forward about these industries that dump their toxins into people’s bodies and homes and creates huge negative health impacts.
We call on the city health officials and fire department to thoroughly investigate this incident in regard to safety procedures and standards, equipment maintenance, tank certificates and documentation as well as training of personnel workers, alarm systems as this only went off after 15 minutes and to add, it was extremely inaudible. As a resident of South Durban, Desmond D’Sa states that “we are sick and tired of sleeping with one eye open to ensure that our families are protected”.
We hope this incident does not lead to a slap on the wrist rather that the full might of the law and bylaws should be thrown at the company management. Poor behaviour by these multi- national corporations can only be changed through strong enforcement and sanctions.