• Environmental Justice School 2022

-4 weeks at groundWork’s environmental justice school learning about the different methods and levels of activism.

  • Youth Development Programme – June 12-14, 22

Day 1 Air Quality Awareness Day

–We hosted youth who were at home during the July holiday.

-We were visited by students by the US, who assisted us with an educational game.

-This was also the first time as SDCEA we used the “Digital Toxic Tour” to show the kids how exactly the Tour is done.

-The kids also got a glimpse on how to capture an air sample via the bucket sampling kit.

Day 2 Oil & Gas Awareness Day

-On day 2 we focused our work on Oil & Gas exploration in South Africa.

-We had a screening of “Lalela Ulwande” which was a short-animated film which speaks about the challenges fisherfolks and Traditional healers face on the coastline because of Oil and Gas drilling.

-After, we screened four different videos which identified the process of the toxic electronic waste in Africa and Asia.

-The kids were then tasked to participate in “The life cycle of a cell phone”.

Day 3 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Future Day

–A presentation of my project from the Environmental justice school was done on this day.

-There was a number of activities which were both fun and educational such as Painting activities based on topics learned throughout the week, a ball toss remembrance game which the kids had to remember words they learned during the day.

-We introduced the star game activity which discussed power in society

  • Arbor Week 22 – 4-5 September, 22

-Day 1- Visit to the Beachwood mangroves

-SDCEA took learners from Collingwood Primary School to the Mangroves where they were taken on a tour of the Mangroves.

-Day 2 – Workshop at the Austerville Community Hall

-Hosted the Arbor Day workshop at the Austerville Hall, inviting Assegai Primary School, Collingwood Primary School and gardenia Primary School which are all from Wentworth.

  • Marine Week 22 – 10-11 October, 22

-Day 1 – Visit to Sharksboard

-The learners from Parsee Rustomjee Primary School, ML Sultan St Marys Primary School, Nizam Road Primary, Merebank Primary School were taken for a day to the Sharksboard Museum and to view a live shark dissection.


  • World Water Day/Human Rights Day – 22 March, 23

-SDCEA hosted an awareness workshop for Primary school leaners from Collingwood Primary (Wentworth), Parsee Rustomjee (Merebank) and Durkie Uys (Bluff) all in honour of World water day and National Human Rights Day.

-After the workshop the learners were taken to the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve for a tour and presentation from Preston Chetty a member of the Durban Solid Waste.

  • Earth Day – 21 April,23

-SDCEA hosted 30 High schools from the area of South Durban from areas such as Umlazi, Wentworth, Merebank, Bluff and Kwamakhuta.

-This was the biggest Earth Day event SDCEA held, which included activities such as skits, plays, painting and dances.

  • Kenneth Stainbank Easter Hunt – 6 April, 23

– SDCEA took youth for the easter long weekend to the Kenneth Stainbank for a nature walk and an easter egg hunt.

  • Youth Mentorship Programme –

-Day 1 – Beachwood Mangroves Visit (28 June, 23)

-Day 2 – Marian Hill Landfill Site Visit (29 June, 23)

-Day 3 – Sharksboard (30 July, 23)

-Day 4 – Stainbank Nature Reserve (10 July, 23)

-Day 5 – Ushaka Marine World Tour (11 July, 23)