Fish Not Oil Campaign Launch, Durban Beach front 
On the 19thof June 2017, at 9 am the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, together with the subsistence fisher folk of Durban, launched their campaign ‘FISH NOT OIL’ on the Durban Beach front.
The subsistence fisher folk gathered with their rods and reels to show who they are and what they are fighting for. They were given the booklets which will provide important information regarding their rights as fishermen, their responsibilities to stand up for their rights when they are infringed on and housekeeping to ensure they know to keep their fishing areas clean and to practice good fishing habits.
The launch was also a gathering to inform the subsistence fishermen of Durban of the various proposed developments that will take place on our oceans and how they will have an impact on the marine life and marine environment, thus having an impact on their livelihood.  
The occasion was to bring attention of the plight of the Durban poor fisherfolk and how they were being oppressed and discriminated against by Transnet, port security and the police as well as the eThekwini Municipality.
Morgan Govender of the Seine Netters spoke eloquently of his history, since his family arrived over 150 years ago and fished in the Durban Harbour and in the Indian Ocean. He stressed the need for all fisherfolk to be united under the KZN fisherfolk banner to fight for their right to access both the harbour and the ocean.


In attendance as well was Dr Nnimmo Bassey who is a leading environmental activist in his own country of Nigeria. Dr Bassey in his address to the fisherfolk stated that a similar situation prevailed in his country Nigeria where fisherfolk were suffering from the consequences of the exploring of oil and through the destruction of the marine life and agriculture. 
Chadley Joseph
SDCEA Project Officer