On the 17th of May 2017, a public meeting was held at Austerville Civic Centre that was hosted by a consulting firm GIBB together with the developer Hitachi Technologies. The meeting hosted was to present the development of a proposed desalinisation plant at the Bluff.
The proposed project will see a desalination plant being introduced into the bluff area. This plant will have various effects on the community marine life and overall environment.
We had requested that GIBB invite all role players and including the company that was developing this infrastructure funded by the Japanese government as well as Transnet and Umgeni Water. As they were absent from this meeting.
Outcome of Meeting:
Residents and stakeholders challenged the developer HITACHI and the consultant GIBB to host public meetings in affected communities and advertise these in local media to inform the respected people that will be affected by the desalination plant. Hitachi and GIBB were given two weeks to carry this through.
For More Information contact:
Chadley Joseph
Project Officer
South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
Tel : 061 8436580