On June 17, 2015, a meeting was held at the Austerville community hall in Wentworth to discuss the current electricity crisis.The main issue on the agenda was the current load shedding crisis and the increase of electricity tariffs which is becoming unaffordable for most people. 
Speakers, at the meeting, emphasised the fact that coal supplied energy is central to the crisis and that Government’s bid towards nuclear energy is even more harmful and expensive, with an estimated budget of R1 trillion being set aside for its implementation. The only viable alternative is renewable energy which in the long run would prove to be more cost effective and less harmful. 
However, one of the greatest cause for concern is the affordability of renewable energy supplies, especially for the most vulnerable people of society: the unemployed and aged. It is for this reason that people need to stand in solidarity and pressure the Government to invest in and subsidise alternative energy supplies.
Community members, present at the meeting, raised concerns about high electricity tariffs and about Government’s inability to act within their best interest. One of the biggest issues being the inconvenience of load shedding which seems to primarily target lower income areas. 
It was therefore agreed upon that necessary action needed to be taken to put pressure on Government as ordinary citizens cannot continue bearing the brunt of minority interests’. 
A protest will be arranged for the 26thof June, 2015, outside Eskom’s offices, 24 Menston Road in Westville in contestation of Eskom’s proposal for a price hike on electricity tariffs. 
It is important to join in the fight against Eskom’s tyranny in the energy sector as the seed we sew today determines the quality of life we reap tomorrow.
Contact: Noluthando Mbeje (SDCEA Communication and Project Officer)
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