Residents of south Durban say enough of Load shedding

Durban, 11 May 2015. We are tired of Load shedding, we need Eskom to move to Renewable energy. SDCEA will Host a discussion with residents of South Durban on Eskom’s current load shedding, what is required and needed for an energy regime change. Troubles at Eskom have led to job losses, children not going to school; unhealthy eating and increase in crime.
Despite the fact of load shedding, people are still getting the high electricity bills regardless of using less electricity. Community warns NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) hands off in granting Eskom 12.61% energy tariff hikes without public participation.
We call on all media and journalist to advertise and attend this meeting.
Date: 14 May 2015
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Venue: Austerville Civic Centre (Hall)
Contact SDCEA offices for more information:

Precious Mazibuko – 031 461 1991