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Enivronmental Project Officer 

“I Started Working With SDCEA Through The Unisa Environmental Organization That We, The Students Of Unisa Established.  After Completing My Studies I Decided To Volunteer At SDCEA Because Of The Passion I Have For Our Environment, The Communities And Sustainability. It Is Also Very Important For Me Because Of All These Polluting Industries In The South Durban Basin. As I Am Also A Resident Of South Durban, I Understand The Negative Impact Faced By The Communities Of South Durban. That Is Why I Chose To Work With An Organization That Strives For Environmental Justice And Sustainable Development.”


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Noluthando Mbeje completed an honours degree in Environmental Science At The University Of South Africa (UNISA). She holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Management (Chemistry Stream) from UNISA. Thando works with energy and health in SDCEA, and is also responsible for media and communications regarding the social network and news.