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Fisherman’s livelihood at risk

Date: 14 June 2017 Venue: Austerville Civic Centre Time: 17:30pm – 20:00pm Hitachi Technologies are proposing a desalination plant for the Bluff community. This will have impacts on the people, marine environment and marine animals. A public meeting will be hosted by GIBB, the consultants on this project. It is crucial the public attend and [...]

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Fisherfolk Livelihood at Risk

 Sea mining, oil exploration and water treatment projects are set to destroy the ocean and life withinMultiple companies hope to exploit our ocean through projects such as seismic testing, sand winning and the construction of a desalination plant. They will plunder the oceans resources for their own gains, leaving the fisherfolk, who rely on the [...]

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Desalination Plant and Sand-winning

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance attended two public meetings on the 17thand 18th of May.On the 17tha public meeting was held at the Austerville Civic Centre. It was hosted by the consulting firm GIBB and the developer Hitachi. This meeting was to address the public on a proposed desalination plant being built in the [...]

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Desalination Plant Meeting

On the 17th of May 2017, a public meeting was held at Austerville Civic Centre that was hosted by a consulting firm GIBB together with the developer Hitachi Technologies. The meeting hosted was to present the development of a proposed desalinisation plant at the Bluff.The proposed project will see a desalination plant being introduced into [...]

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