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Desalination Plant and Sand-winning

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance attended two public meetings on the 17thand 18th of May.On the 17tha public meeting was held at the Austerville Civic Centre. It was hosted by the consulting firm GIBB and the developer Hitachi. This meeting was to address the public on a proposed desalination plant being built in the [...]

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“A breath of Fresh Air”

Open Letter: “A breath of fresh air” To CEO of Transnet Richard VallihuSmart Port Upgrade for DurbanYour letter in the Independent on Saturday (27 May 2017) was a breath of fresh air, showing that there is concern about the poor and marginalised who had lived in communities surrounding the port since timey memorial. We need [...]

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Why India is Intriguing and Eye-Opening

Why India is Intriguing and Eye-OpeningThe international conference: Rethinking Cities in the Global South, hosted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, brought together activists and town planners from all corners of the world to discuss burning issues of the global south in Mumbai, India. The event was held from the 19th –23rd of January, [...]

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Logistic park at the Clairwood Racecourse Site and a mention of a nuclear plant on the Old Durban International Airport Site…. What’s next for South Durban?

 Logistics park at the Clairwood Racecourse Site and now a mention of a nuclear plant on the old Durban International Airport Site…what’s next for South Durban? The Clairwood Racecourse Action Committee (CRAC) will be hosting a mass community meeting to discuss the developments that have been proposed for South Durban and the ramifications these developments [...]