/Cancer Walk… Walking for a cure…. Walking for a 24 hour clinic

Cancer Walk… Walking for a cure…. Walking for a 24 hour clinic

Cancer Walk…. Walking for a cure… Walking for a 24hour clinic

The South Durban community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) and the Mothers’ Prayer Group are having a cancer walk on the 10thOctober 2015. The purpose of this walk is to create more awareness of the disease of cancer and a healthy lifestyle, statistics show that cancer deaths is on the rise. Our aim is to raise our distresses about the impacts that chemical emissions have on the surrounding communities and the affect this is having on their health and quality of life.
The south Durban is also known as the ‘Cancer Valley’ due to the high levels of asthma and estimated life risk of cancer. This is also due to the high levels of toxic emissions emanating out of the petrochemicals and chemical industries of south Durban. The daily struggles of the residents of south Durban has led to SDCEA campaigning for a 24hour clinic for asthma and cancer. This will greatly help the community and will reduce the increasing levels of asthma and mortality rate of cancer.
Our protest is intended to be raise awareness about the high prevalence of cancer, asthma and Leukemia emanating from Engen Refinery, SAPREF and other South Durban Chemical Industries.  Local pastors will pray at the area and in front of the Refinery where we intend to hand over a statement to the ENGEN management.
Date: Saturday 10th October 2015
Start: 08.30 am
Start venue: Badula Road Grounds
End: Highbury Road Grounds
For more information please contact
Noluthando Mbeje
SDCEA Environmental Project Officer
031 4611991 / 078 234 6206
Desmond D’Sa
SDCEA Coordinator
031 461 1991 / 0839826939
Romany Roberts
Mothers’ Prayer Group
031 4615266 / 084 523 3385
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